How I Feel About The Ongoing Pandemic

Hii everyone

Today I’m just going to be sharing how I feel about the current pandemic

Im sorry I know that this blog is about writing and reading but I just feel that its good to share

Please dont pay any mind that I have literally no punctuation in this entire post XD

What I Like About It

So youd expect me not to like many things about the pandemic

But I do

For example I like that I get to wake up later than I normally do and get to stay at home more than I already do

I also like that it helped me pick up new hobbies such as blogging

Because of blogging Ive found people to share my happiness sadness and passion with

I get to be myself and not allow others to judge me

It really helps since Im a pretty introverted person

Not only did I start to blog a lot but I also started fangirling over The Ascendance Series

AKA my favorite series ๐Ÿ˜‰

Okay I hope Im not boring yall to death right now XD

Oh and also I like it because its helped me write more than I have before the pandemic has started

What I Dont Like About It

Of course if I have something to say about liking it Ill definitely have something to say about the exact opposite

Well I miss my friends in person and I dont get to spend time with them as much as I used to plus staying at home also has its disadvantages

I used to have so much freedom at school

I could talk as much as I wanted laughed as much as I wanted and no one would judge me

But at home I have to try to be a little more quieter since Im not the only one in the house

Dont even get me started on the online school

Everything I do has to involve technology some way or another whether its tests or just playing games

Im not getting the education that Id like to have as a 7th grader

I either keep getting kicked out of my class calls or my WiFi is just too clow to understand what the teacher is saying

Plus I have to put up with my younger brother next to me asking me to help him with his math homework

Dont get me wrong I love helping my brother especially since he gets things so easily

But he isnt understanding stuff as easy as he used to and its making me annoyed

So thats how I feel about the pandemic

Im gonna cut off the post for today since I cant keep going without trying to add a punctuation here or there XD

Have an amazing day yall Insert 10 exclamation marks here

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8 thoughts on “How I Feel About The Ongoing Pandemic

  1. I totally agree that there are good and bad things about the pandemic! Another thing to add to online school is that it can be SO HARD to focus! I also totally agree that my writing was a big thing for me. I actually found my passion for writing recently, so yeah!

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  2. Yep, I’m the SAME WAY on all of the likes, even though I’m more of an extroverted person (big surprise there XD) I do enjoy having more time at home to write, plus I wouldn’t even be blogging right now and that’d just be so sad. :,( AND fangirling about the Ascendance Series is literally the best thing EVERRR!!!!!!! Buuut at the same time, I don’t wanna always be stuck at home and I’ve missed face-to-face contact. (Good news, tho, that things are starting to get back to normalish where I’m at.) But I’ve honestly never been happier to be homeschooled ’cause I could not imagine having to totally change how you normally learn for like a whole school year. But it’s gonna get better, girl!!!!!!!!! (Annnd sorry I’m SO late getting here. I go so behind during CWW and it’s like I can’t catch up for the life of me. XD)

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